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I wish I had thought of using a paper doily for my pumpkin design!

I am spending a quiet night at home crocheting watching say yes to the dress.   Have a great Halloween weekend!



happy halloween everyone! there is a lot going on. this saturday, Derek and I are going to Asheville to spend the holiday night with our friends and go to a party all dressed up and cute. also, I have started hardcore crocheting. I do not know what is going on with me but I can't stop! I think that it is so much fun. Also, I entered a Shop Swap, in which I got paired with another etsy seller to swap one item and blog about it. My partner is sam's stuff. beautiful eco-friendly with vintage items. great prices and they are so cute!!

in the spirit of halloween, here are some great etsy finds:

have a great halloween weekend!



I think I have fallen in love with these boots:

Although they are from f21, and probably are not as great quality as they look like in the photos, but I hope the f21 near my house has them so I can lust over them.



I feel like I am in a tizzy 90% of the time. School is ridiculously busy and I am also trying to design my graduation announcements and sew and design some cute items at the same time. I also have trouble keeping up with this blog and putting things in my etsy. Not easy! The fall weather is making me wistful of a mountain fall, and I haven't even left yet. Awful. I want to go shopping all the time and I am broke again! We just spent the weekend in Atlanta working the wholesale mart and we saw so many cute clothes! I represented Tulle and they had some adorable sweaters and things.

Here are some items that I found adorable on etsy.

1.dayslonggone 2. heistjewelry

3. kalikadesigns 4. goorsendjewelry



Hello. Fall is in full swing in the mountains, and the trees are absolutely beautiful! Today I get to wear my shiny tights and a cute dress along with my *amazing* boots! I adore fall.

I am also in love with flirty ballerina skirts right now and found a couple on modcloth.com.

1. More Than a Tealing Skirt
2. Storm Cloud Skirt

I love them, and of course want them both insanely bad.

I do believe I am going to make a skirt today... and maybe I will make it to look like the "More Than a Tealing Skirt..."



Hello from the life of a hermit! I have become a crocheting fiend and have no motivation to actually do anything or leave my house. Crocheting has become so much fun, unfortunately I am not that great at it. I keep trying and trying though. I have been battling a cold for 3 weeks! It just will not kick the bucket. The rain today fit my mood. I think I'm in a funk!

To make myself feel better here is some window shopping:

1. palomasnest 2. PrintSpot

3. DailyMemorandum 4. junkyardgarden

Also, here is a picture of Boone, NC this morning:

(sorry for the crookedness... i took this on my blackberry)

I hope everyone has a great day.



As soon as Fall hits, I want to wear scarves. Check out these adorable ones from Etsy.