As Fall is now upon the mountain and I am now layered as much as possible, I can't help but think of our Egypt trip in February. I know that there is no logically reason to be pulled back to the trip but right now I keep flashing back to the heat, unfamiliar days and nights and all of experiences that had happened.

Cruising the Nile for 4 days seems like it never happened. Going to small villiages to see how the native people did their everyday activites and seeing a hippo in the water. The sand storm while at the pyramids and getting sunburnt no matter the amount of sunblock worn and having to wear Drew's hat to keep my nose from burning everyday.

Being in Cairo to Alexandria in 2 hours and a new hotel every night and upon returning back to Cairo and the Movenpick, feeling that we were home. Ordering spaghetti from room service at 2 in the morning and giggling all night long. Starting a trip with 42 relative strangers and sharing a life changing experience with them.

I think the drastic tempature change now had me thinking back to be too hot all the time. Being in the warmest place I had ever been and now am freezing already wearing 2 tank tops, a tshirt, sleeveless hoodie and sweatshirt on top. I look like the marshmellow man. I miss the blazing heat right now but it may only because it is so insanely cold in our apartment because the front window is broken.

I want to go back to Egypt.



Today really seems to be bringing fall to the High Country. Blustery winds, the leaves falling and the crisp air is making me so happy. Being my last fall in the mountains, I am already feeling a bit nostalgic for the fall, even though it has not happened yet and I do not particularly fond of Boone, I will miss the fall. The colors of the trees are the most beautiful things I have ever seen and I am so excited it is that time of the year again.
I wore my new boots today for the first time today and I love them! They looked so cute!

I am in the process of sewing a good bit of bags and scarves and will post them soon. I am feeling so creative and full of ideas and hope that they all come out the way I am planning them to come out. I hope you are enjoying the weather!



Today is a rainy day that is not really containing any rain. More like a fine mist that will not go away or evolve into a real rain. I did get to wear my rain boots though and that is always a great thing. I did finally suck it up and buy some leather boots yesterday. Zappos has pulled through once again and I am not so patiently waiting for them to arrive.

Brio Boot, Steve Madden

(they are however, sold out of the cognac color on sm's website.)

This week will contain two tests and a presentation all of which I am not interested in doing at all. Keeping the symmarians, asyrians, etruscans and egyptians all seperate in my mind is not easy and I am having quite the trouble with it. Tomorrow will be interesting with one of those tests and a presentation. The lack of motivation that I am suffering from is probably just senioritis and I should just suck it up but my last semester is KILLING ME. I am so ready to be done with school and I have 3 months left.

Graduation announcements are also in the design process. Since I am not going to participate in the commencement excersizes, I am opting out of the normal route of the school themed announcements and designing them myself so that they are fully customized and represent me. Hopefully they come out well and I like them enough to send to my entire family and friend base.



while looking at examples of diy coffee tables, i found this that Vered Zaykovsky made.  it is made of 6 magazines woven together and no cutting or glue!

oh man.


I am in a complete state of identity crisis when it comes to my clothing.  The past week I have work nothing but leggings, oversized shirts/sweaters and knee socks with my rain boots.  If I could wear my rain boots everyday, I would and the past week was awesome for that reason alone but I feel as if I am no longer a fashion forward individual and that is scaring me.  All of my clothing is plain and slightly boring, which I love, but my ability to style these pieces seems to have gone out the window.  Maybe it was the cold I suffered last week, or the face that we are in between seasons, but I am flailing.  I did go to Forever 21 today and got a tank top, two belts, two necklaces and a pair of tights.  I went out looking for boots but did not find any.  It was so absolutely confusing and disappointing because I know exactly what I want, but cannot find it.  

I am also re-finishing the wooden table in my room.  I will post before and after pictures when it is done.  I am starting the sanding next weekend after our first wedding of the season in High Point, NC.  The skirt I made last weekend turned out okay, especially for the first time I have sewn with stretch knit.  I am still being knocked down by my cold and am chugging o.j., watching bridezillas and eating reese cups on the couch.  I am quite pitiful.  



I am the proud owner of a Blackberry (or crackberry, as I have heard them called...) and am severely addicted. I do not have internet in my apartment which should help explain why I am very sporadic with updating. On my Blackberry I have the Ubertwitter application so I can see my friends and others twitters. Not only is this amazing, but it is also very distracting, especially since last week marked Fashion Night Out and the beginning of Fashion Week in New York City.

I follow Womens Wear Daily and Fashion Watch, which is out of D.C. and have been getting great updates from both of them. While Fashion Night Out was going on, I was able to keep up with the designer cook off that was taking place at Bergdoff Goodman, hosted by Top Chef's own Padma and that the Olsen twins were serving cocktails to a big crowd further down the floor. Oh, I love the Olsen twins. Suprise!

It makes me sad that I was supposed to be in New York this fall, but because of technicalities with school, I'm not until January and missed the Fall shows. I guess I will be up there in the Spring and can catch those.
Friday is FashionSPARK, which I wrote about on Sunday, and I am making a skirt to wear. I found a beautiful stretch jersey that is hunter green with tan leaf shapes within and reminds me greatly of Diane Von Furstenberg. I will definitely post a picture as soon as it is done.

Have a great day!



Fashion seems to be an underground scene in Charlotte, and as of last night I learned about SPARKcon.   SPARKcon is a local designer & art expo that is completely volunteer run in Raleigh that features any and all art, music, film, fashion, etc. This will mark the 4th year of the event and it has grown quite a bit.  I love the fact that this is a group of all the creative people around the area and everyone pitches in to put it together.  

I met Kristin Ingle on Friday, a beautiful fashion designer from Raleigh, who is one of the designers that is participating in FashionSPARK.  Once a student at Appalachian State University, she now has a line called Tyger Alexis.  Kristin has a great style and I am so excited to see her line on the runway. 

I am overall very excited for Friday night and seeing all the designers. It is going to be a really fun night with some of our friends and all I now have to find a cute outfit!



My favorite channel on t.v. is by far the Food Network.  My favorite day of the week to watch it is on Saturday morning when there are just oodles of great recipes being shown. Eventually, at some point in my life, I want to own a huge beautiful kitchen that has a ton of counter space and amazing appliances. A bread and pasta maker are on the top of my list of appliances I am lusting over. 

While growing up, both of my grandmothers were very into baking and passed that love down to me.  

Joe & Maxine, my father' s mother and stepfather.

Dolores, my mother's mother and my best friend.

Because of these two amazing women, I have been shaped into a kitchen crazy girl and I cannot get enough of cooking and baking! I may not have all the skills, but the more I try the better I become.

Tonight, Derek, my boyfriend:
and I are having dinner with our friends Lee and Monica at a delicious Spanish restaurant.  Derek is half Puerto-rican and we eat Spanish food like it is our job... now that I think of it, I wish it were my job!  

Off to dinner, enjoy your weekend!


Labor Day Weekend

Everyone seems to have something going on or something to really be excited about for this weekend.  My youngest brother is going to see our other brother in Richmond, VA.  My sister, who just started her freshman year at Penn State is going to her first ever college pep rally tonight.  College football starts this weekend. Our Apps will be playing ECU and everyone is buzzing about it.  

So my weekend will include my mother and I  painting my bedroom a lovely "Clam Chowder" by Behr.  A delicious dinner of cuban food from PioPio here in Charlotte is in our plans for Saturday night with our friends who are Panamanian and Venezuelan.  Of course laying out at the pool will also be in the cards.  As always, I will be wearing my big floppy hat to block as much of my skin as possible from the sun because I am deathly afraid of getting sunburnt. 

I am excited to lay at the pool and relax with a book, but I am tired of being so hot!  I am very ready for sweaters, tights and boots.  I have been looking at a lot of shoes lately, and being the girl that I am have started making my list of the ones I especially want.  Some of my favorites:

I cannot wait to go boot shopping!



After a little hiatus from blogging, I am now back and ready to go. The weather this week has been amazing and a great preview for the upcoming Fall. I wore a pair of tights on Monday and that was a delightful teaser. My newest favorite outfit topper is a double belt. So cute!


My wardrobe is all basics, therefore a belt can be added to anything. My favorite layering piece is an American Apparel dress that is so basic, simple and versatile. It comes in around 26 different colors and I wear them with jeans, tights and boots and even sneakers. Perfect.

american apparel

Also, we went to see
Taking Woodstock


Paper Heart.

I really wish that I had been around for Woodstock. My main music listening is based from the music of the 60's and I cannot get enough. The Who, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin. I love it. Until next time.