it is finally thanksgiving! my favorite holiday. i woke up and watched the macy's day parade and i am sitting cozily in front of our fire with a big mug of coffee and still in my pjs. tomorrow we are heading to florida for my grandfather's memorial. it will be a busy weekend, but we get grandma food!! i am so excited. i am about to post a bunch of scarves on my etsy. i will post up when it happens!! i'm a busy little bee!

i hope you have a great thanksgiving!



i am so excited! my birthday is in 3 days, and then thanksgivingggg. a great weekend that included the football game(we won...), two friends came to visit and derek came right up the mountain to spend the night! we went to an amazing show at the saloon and had delicious breakfast. i think this was an excellent way to spend one of my last weekends in this town that i have lived in for almost 4 years.

i hope you had a great weekend!!



oh man!!! it is almost thanksgiving and that happens to be my favorite holiday... because my birthday is the day before it! i will be turning 23 this year. birthdays are also my favorite day of the year and i get so excited for them and will try to celebrate as long as possible. my birthday list included oxfords, a fish-eye camera lens and liners for my rain boots. i always have cold feet and hands and those fleec eliners will keep me nice and toasty warm.

on design*sponge, they featured a diy that was so cute and i cannot wait to try and replicate.



on tuesdays i am going to start doing a blog post dedicated to things i happen to love.

i love this ring:
i love this tuxedo jacket:
i love these boots:
i also love these boots:
my ultimate love of the day, these shoes:
also, buy winona's book, closet confidential! (she happens to be one of my favorite bloggers...)



i love plain clothing. i also love pieces that can be layered. american apparel must know what i like because about 90% of my wardrobe consist of this company. right now, american apparel is having a 30% off all hosiery and socks sale. this sale is making me insanely anxious to start buying immediately.

some of my favorites:

my ultimate favorite piece of clothing:

i can never get enough of anything american apparel does.


shop swap & blog

the lovely pattie over at my structured chaos organized a great shop swap for all that entered. we were paired with other etsyians to exchange an item from our shop as well as blogging about them.

my partner was samsstuff, who has a blog that is self proclaimed as "random stuff." along with her beautiful blog, which features some great photos and stories, her etsy store is so cute! the items in her sam's etsy are vintage and upcycled, along with new items, are jewelry, clothing and one of a kind accessories. also, there are some awesome vintage pieces included.

i received my package from sam and was so excited. i've been sitting on pins and needles waiting and anticipating what would be in there. after i had seen her shop i knew it would be cute.

guess what was there:

an adorable pendent and crocheted bag!

i love crowns and cannot wait to slip this onto a long chain and wear with a cute t-shirt.

the crocheted bag is my new favorite color!

i loved this shop swap. how fun, to meet new people and make new friends. i hope there is another one soon!


hello, beautiful weather this weekend. my mother picked up a copy of O, the Oprah Magazine and surprisingly, I'm really enjoying it. some of the advertisements are very nice. so are some of the articles. as always, kate moss is beautiful and the yves saint laurent ad for parisienne perfume is gorgeous:

noir jewelry made these beautiful creature rings:

via: O

lastly, I think that this is one of the best styled, realistic looks I have seen in quite a while:

Beatrice Johnston, pear-shaped body styled with knits that are perfect for her.



this morning, i am supposed to be writing a paper. i have never been a great writer. i take after my grandfather and work with my hands much better than my words. also, a month away from graduation leads me to the lack of motivation i have currently. instead, here i am working on my layout and listening to pandora. here is a great mash up of dead prez and grizzly bear. i happen to love this!