i love today. it is the last saturday in the apartment i have lived in for 2 1/2 years.It is so strange. i am crocheting up a storm... my little sister needs a christmas present. i received my boots from GOJANE.COM and they are awesome!! the best boots i could have bought online after only seeing once! and for only 35$, so great. i have noticed a definite trend of me posting shoes, and i think i'm going to continue with this...

shoe loves of the day:

these boots are my absolute favorites. i have navy bluse and they now have the beat up dirty look that i love. absolutely perfect and comfortable. plus, they look great with any outfit.

hunter now makes socks for them! a fleece sock that lines the boo are the perfect addition. i got a grey pair of socks for my boots and my feet stay so warm!!

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