After a little hiatus from blogging, I am now back and ready to go. The weather this week has been amazing and a great preview for the upcoming Fall. I wore a pair of tights on Monday and that was a delightful teaser. My newest favorite outfit topper is a double belt. So cute!


My wardrobe is all basics, therefore a belt can be added to anything. My favorite layering piece is an American Apparel dress that is so basic, simple and versatile. It comes in around 26 different colors and I wear them with jeans, tights and boots and even sneakers. Perfect.

american apparel

Also, we went to see
Taking Woodstock


Paper Heart.

I really wish that I had been around for Woodstock. My main music listening is based from the music of the 60's and I cannot get enough. The Who, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin. I love it. Until next time.


  1. That belt is fabulous. BR's been doing pretty well in that respect lately. I current live in two of their stretchy ones from this summer.

  2. I love belting things, almost anything. I have a very boy shaped body and I have to make curves whenever possible.