Labor Day Weekend

Everyone seems to have something going on or something to really be excited about for this weekend.  My youngest brother is going to see our other brother in Richmond, VA.  My sister, who just started her freshman year at Penn State is going to her first ever college pep rally tonight.  College football starts this weekend. Our Apps will be playing ECU and everyone is buzzing about it.  

So my weekend will include my mother and I  painting my bedroom a lovely "Clam Chowder" by Behr.  A delicious dinner of cuban food from PioPio here in Charlotte is in our plans for Saturday night with our friends who are Panamanian and Venezuelan.  Of course laying out at the pool will also be in the cards.  As always, I will be wearing my big floppy hat to block as much of my skin as possible from the sun because I am deathly afraid of getting sunburnt. 

I am excited to lay at the pool and relax with a book, but I am tired of being so hot!  I am very ready for sweaters, tights and boots.  I have been looking at a lot of shoes lately, and being the girl that I am have started making my list of the ones I especially want.  Some of my favorites:

I cannot wait to go boot shopping!

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  1. I'm with you - I love laying out in the sun but have to hide the whole time! I'm so pale that I get sunburned very easily.

    Cute boots, too!