I am in a complete state of identity crisis when it comes to my clothing.  The past week I have work nothing but leggings, oversized shirts/sweaters and knee socks with my rain boots.  If I could wear my rain boots everyday, I would and the past week was awesome for that reason alone but I feel as if I am no longer a fashion forward individual and that is scaring me.  All of my clothing is plain and slightly boring, which I love, but my ability to style these pieces seems to have gone out the window.  Maybe it was the cold I suffered last week, or the face that we are in between seasons, but I am flailing.  I did go to Forever 21 today and got a tank top, two belts, two necklaces and a pair of tights.  I went out looking for boots but did not find any.  It was so absolutely confusing and disappointing because I know exactly what I want, but cannot find it.  

I am also re-finishing the wooden table in my room.  I will post before and after pictures when it is done.  I am starting the sanding next weekend after our first wedding of the season in High Point, NC.  The skirt I made last weekend turned out okay, especially for the first time I have sewn with stretch knit.  I am still being knocked down by my cold and am chugging o.j., watching bridezillas and eating reese cups on the couch.  I am quite pitiful.  

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