I am the proud owner of a Blackberry (or crackberry, as I have heard them called...) and am severely addicted. I do not have internet in my apartment which should help explain why I am very sporadic with updating. On my Blackberry I have the Ubertwitter application so I can see my friends and others twitters. Not only is this amazing, but it is also very distracting, especially since last week marked Fashion Night Out and the beginning of Fashion Week in New York City.

I follow Womens Wear Daily and Fashion Watch, which is out of D.C. and have been getting great updates from both of them. While Fashion Night Out was going on, I was able to keep up with the designer cook off that was taking place at Bergdoff Goodman, hosted by Top Chef's own Padma and that the Olsen twins were serving cocktails to a big crowd further down the floor. Oh, I love the Olsen twins. Suprise!

It makes me sad that I was supposed to be in New York this fall, but because of technicalities with school, I'm not until January and missed the Fall shows. I guess I will be up there in the Spring and can catch those.
Friday is FashionSPARK, which I wrote about on Sunday, and I am making a skirt to wear. I found a beautiful stretch jersey that is hunter green with tan leaf shapes within and reminds me greatly of Diane Von Furstenberg. I will definitely post a picture as soon as it is done.

Have a great day!

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