Today is a rainy day that is not really containing any rain. More like a fine mist that will not go away or evolve into a real rain. I did get to wear my rain boots though and that is always a great thing. I did finally suck it up and buy some leather boots yesterday. Zappos has pulled through once again and I am not so patiently waiting for them to arrive.

Brio Boot, Steve Madden

(they are however, sold out of the cognac color on sm's website.)

This week will contain two tests and a presentation all of which I am not interested in doing at all. Keeping the symmarians, asyrians, etruscans and egyptians all seperate in my mind is not easy and I am having quite the trouble with it. Tomorrow will be interesting with one of those tests and a presentation. The lack of motivation that I am suffering from is probably just senioritis and I should just suck it up but my last semester is KILLING ME. I am so ready to be done with school and I have 3 months left.

Graduation announcements are also in the design process. Since I am not going to participate in the commencement excersizes, I am opting out of the normal route of the school themed announcements and designing them myself so that they are fully customized and represent me. Hopefully they come out well and I like them enough to send to my entire family and friend base.


  1. those are so cute!!! i need some leather boots....
    also, you need to join in this swap - it's super cool and a great way to get exposure - you can get the link off my blog - love you!!!

  2. i think i love them. i just got home and tried them on and they are great. i can't wait for the swap. it will be great as well.