As Fall is now upon the mountain and I am now layered as much as possible, I can't help but think of our Egypt trip in February. I know that there is no logically reason to be pulled back to the trip but right now I keep flashing back to the heat, unfamiliar days and nights and all of experiences that had happened.

Cruising the Nile for 4 days seems like it never happened. Going to small villiages to see how the native people did their everyday activites and seeing a hippo in the water. The sand storm while at the pyramids and getting sunburnt no matter the amount of sunblock worn and having to wear Drew's hat to keep my nose from burning everyday.

Being in Cairo to Alexandria in 2 hours and a new hotel every night and upon returning back to Cairo and the Movenpick, feeling that we were home. Ordering spaghetti from room service at 2 in the morning and giggling all night long. Starting a trip with 42 relative strangers and sharing a life changing experience with them.

I think the drastic tempature change now had me thinking back to be too hot all the time. Being in the warmest place I had ever been and now am freezing already wearing 2 tank tops, a tshirt, sleeveless hoodie and sweatshirt on top. I look like the marshmellow man. I miss the blazing heat right now but it may only because it is so insanely cold in our apartment because the front window is broken.

I want to go back to Egypt.

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