My favorite channel on t.v. is by far the Food Network.  My favorite day of the week to watch it is on Saturday morning when there are just oodles of great recipes being shown. Eventually, at some point in my life, I want to own a huge beautiful kitchen that has a ton of counter space and amazing appliances. A bread and pasta maker are on the top of my list of appliances I am lusting over. 

While growing up, both of my grandmothers were very into baking and passed that love down to me.  

Joe & Maxine, my father' s mother and stepfather.

Dolores, my mother's mother and my best friend.

Because of these two amazing women, I have been shaped into a kitchen crazy girl and I cannot get enough of cooking and baking! I may not have all the skills, but the more I try the better I become.

Tonight, Derek, my boyfriend:
and I are having dinner with our friends Lee and Monica at a delicious Spanish restaurant.  Derek is half Puerto-rican and we eat Spanish food like it is our job... now that I think of it, I wish it were my job!  

Off to dinner, enjoy your weekend!

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